Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Apple's Strength May Bring its Downfall

Working while listening to TWiT TV's MacBreak Weekly... A big part of the conversation: Apple's complete ineptness when it comes to social networking or sharing. 

The very thing that makes Apple a very strong hardware company is the thing that's killing them when it comes to "Open" environments. Control is essential for developing and designing hardware but it's death for Social. This, in the long-term, spells disaster for Apple. Frankly I love my iMac, my iPad but iCloud, Apple's sharing platform is, for the most part, crap-ware. If I want to really share something with anyone, I use Google Drive or Dropbox because I can share with anyone who's using any platform. Let's face it, more and more we collaborate. Sharing is not an option, it's a requirement in any online relationship.

Here's Apple's problem: Mindset. No matter how much money they have in their accounts, Apple's mindset is that of a hardware company. It uses software only to tie its hardware together. This means that anything outside of that, anything that requires me to share with a PC or Android or Linux has to be an afterthought for their software developers...and, at best is a secondary or tertiary goal for Apple's leadership. In a world that is all about Social, all about sharing, all about collaboration to bring better experiences to partners and customers, Apple, long-term, is going to matter how good their hardware.

Change your mindset or perish.

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