Saturday, September 7, 2013

Your Sweet Soul

The cold through cracks blows, the gray cloudy skies seemingly drifting into the room and yet, there you are, sitting, working, beauty like incense permeating senses, a warm tropical breeze moving slowly amongst leaves, green, swaying as you pass, giving life, sharing your brightness with those who, for too long, have seen only darkness.

There are days that the bitter cold wins, the battles fought hard come short, but, in the end, you, because of who you are, because of the luminous spirit that dwells sweetly within you, the war will be won... Won by the love you possess, the love you unselfishly, tirelessly give. I feel it everyday, every moment we speak, every second we sit in silence. You are a light that pervades every corner of my insides shining without occlusion, truth seen fully and accepted completely because of who you are, because of... all of you...that sweet soul.

True and Lasting Beauty

You, dear one, give hope. You lend beauty and light into a world many times dark and colorless.  A singular red rose, you bloom splendid over a field of snow.  Spring's renewal wafting from your eloquent tongue, your laughter, your sweet tears, your warm smile.
There is no other more beautiful than you.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Through the shiny

Childhood words still ring, captured deep
Now and again they seep,
resonate through years
But now encouragement shared
Able to struggle through veneers
laid thick one layer, another
Shiny poly protects and
we look great, but feel nothing
Grind down through pain
through tears and anger until
the real is touched
caressed, protected
Your smile opens my heart 
rids the shiny
...and slowly, imperceptibly, the specular layers wear through
to see blemishes real
No fear with trust

Next to me

Sit beside me my love
Hold my hand
Watch the seasons,
the colors as they change
Grow old with me
next to me
And I will love you,
nurture and protect you
And lost within
the deep pools of blue
my happiness will live
And eternity will be met
with a smile... knowing
love was found, you were mine.


A word, a phrase, a sentence - though easily remembered
is like a mask, thin and clumsily covering the authentic.

The real you is a plunge from the continental shelf,
the lighted caustics in the shallows falling away in dancing marbled patterns...
darker and darker into pitch where not even you have seen the secrets buried.