Saturday, October 27, 2012

Share a Photo Stream?

First, why on earth would a person want to share a stream of photos?  I did ask myself this as I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to photos - not wanting to post anything until I've had my way in tweaking color, levels, cropping and what not.  I'm fighting against this though - as the sharing is more important than how "perfect" they look - and after all, it's an iPhone photo.  It's not like I'm contracted by National Geographic and shooting scenes of bear cubs in Alaska :-).

Shared Photo Streams are there to share life as it happens with one person or more, or even the general public.  Going on a once in a lifetime vacation or if your business is having a special event - Shared Photo Streams allow you to share, without having to post on Facebook or Twitter or having to email. 

So, how does one create a shared Photo Stream?  It's easy.

First, in your iPhone or iPad, open your Photos app and press "Photo Stream" as shown below.  then click the "+" sign to add a stream.

Next, in the "To:" line, add the email addresses you'd like to share the Stream with.  Then in the next line, Name the Stream and then select whether you want this to be public or not.

Easy as pie.

How would you use a shared Photo Stream?

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