Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Cleaning Facebook Apps and Websites using your iPhone

If you're like me, you add apps to Facebook to give more usefulness to the website. The problem is that these apps always come with some privacy caveats.  To review and control what apps you load when Facebook is running, follow these steps with your iPhone.

First, open the Facebook app and click on the box with the three parallel lines.
You'll get a screen like this...scroll down to the bottom to see the "Settings" area and press down.
Then click on "Account Settings" and you'll see this screen.  

Click on "Apps and Websites" and the screen will then display all of those that you've given approval over the months or years.

Click the app you think you might want to get rid of...

At the top you'll see the option to remove the application.  Under that button several pieces of information is displayed.
I really don't think this information is shared to do any harm - but it is good for you to know, to be aware of, the information you're sending out to the world - and to have control over it.  As you can see from my Pandora App - Facebook is reporting that they haven't accessed my information in about a year.

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