Monday, July 6, 2009

Employment and the New Economy

It's now been over a month that I've been on furlough from Paradigm. To be honest, early on, I was quite distraught, rushing to the Unemployment Office and signing up for Social Services. Now, after weeks of steady contract work from my former employer and others (thank God) we're doing fine. We've not had to tap into any State funds - which makes me feel better, as I hate taking from others for something I've not worked to receive.

What have I been doing? CAD work and 3D modeling, rendering, and some video editing. I've also been working on a family project that's hush-hush. I'm happier working from home. From time to time I become anxious, worried that my "all" won't be enough, but God, through His Holy Spirit comforts me and I quickly relax and get back to work.

More and more this event, or series of events, has me thinking that working under this new economy may mean working for myself again. Relying only on God, family, and myself for jobs to keep us under a roof and fed. The realization comes to me that working for yourself and having a job is no different - or shouldn't be. In both we have to produce enough to justify our income. We have to serve or provide product to enough people to survive, and in the end, God is in control and puts before us opportunities that we need to prepare ourselves to meet.

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