Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Unemployment and Memorial Day

One week ago today I was laid-off. My resume' is now updated and have put quite a few "feelers" out there with people I've worked with over the years. There's been no bites (not even nibbles) but I've no doubt that soon I'll be working again. Of course, the word "soon" has a very non-specific meaning, and the older one gets, the longer period of time the word encompasses.

My boss, or ex-boss, at Paradigm has been very gracious, letting me use my office as needed and the company laptop during this transition. To increase my experience he's even allowed me to borrow the HD Camcorder to become familiar with its functions and features. On Saturday my daughter, Rebekah, and I took the camera to the Veteran's Cemetary. Being Memorial Day weekend, flags were set up alongside the entrance road. Waving gently in the breeze, Old Glory made for some wonderful shots of the grave markers, memorials, and grounds. Walking through the cemetary gave us some time to reflect on the those who've truely sacrificed for us, for our freedoms, our liberty, and made my current situation puny in comparison to the suffering some of them endured.

God forgive me for my whining. In light of the blood spilled for generations who, too often, view their sacrifices in scorn, contempt, or indifference, my current situation seems so small, so very insignificant.

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