Friday, May 10, 2013

The week

This was a long week. Long hours, long times of too much thinking about things that ought be put away. 

When tired, those thoughts pervade - barriers built by strength gone. In many ways they don't bother me - they linger for too long, perhaps, but they tell me that what was there, what is still there, was real. The intellectual part of my mind understands the reasons for the break - but my emotional side has not accepted them. And it doesn't matter that there's nothing reciprocal. 

You see, it started as a wonderful friendship. Wonderful as it allowed me to love fully without expectations. There was full acceptance with no reservations. The knowledge of her came slowly and a foundation of trust was built around that knowledge. 

Perhaps, this is what there will always be:  That I'll always adore her because of all of who she is, and was, and will be... Ill always cherish her because of what makes her, her. 

And I'm happy with that. :-)

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