Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Close but no cigar...

Apple's WWDC happened on Monday.  What was announced?  Basically the new iPhone4.  That's it - Well, that and Safari 5 and an update to iTunes.  A shame the mac pro wasn't announced.  It's long overdue.

Not saying I'm not excited about the new iPhone.  It's a wonderful update and since I'm still working with the first Gen. iPhone, I'm really looking forward to the possibility of upgrading.  That said, professional developers and creatives need tools to make the apps and such that these little consumer devices will use.  The mac pro being untouched for such a long time brings doubt into the minds of those professionals that Apple is not committed to them.  Right now, every major PC manufacturer is offering workstations with the new 6-core Intel processor and better choices of video cards.  Apple really has nothing to offer to compare with the speed these new machines provide the user.

Hopefully, the wait is due to Apple waiting on supply chain issues to be worked-out prior to committing their distribution system to providing a product to their high-end customers.  We'll see.

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