Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Strength comes from service....REAL service.

Tonight on FoxNews, the small ticker on the bottom of the screen read: 80% of all workers in the United States are employed in the "service" industry.  The shame is the "service" they're talking about is not making a real and long-lasting difference.  We're making, creating less than ever before.  We're more consumers than creators.  This is a huge strategic problem for our country.  No matter what the idiots in DC tell us, the economy is not controlled by the number employed, but by what those employed are creating, what those workers are manufacturing.  To think otherwise is, at best, ignorant.

Without manufacturing, there is no backbone to a country, nothing to keep it strong.  Nothing, nothing great is accomplished without the creation of something.  Why was the United States able to win in World War II?  We won because we could manufacture the materials needed to outfit our soldiers, sailors and airmen to fight against the Nazis in Germany, fascists in Italy and imperialists in Japan.  We were strong because of our manufacturing strength, not because our "service" industry.

Why have we lost our strength?  We are not strong today because of one thing:  Greed.  Not just the greed of CEOs (though the self-righteous Left would have us think so), but of everyone - from the hamburger flipper to the President of the U.S.  Our "leaders" tell us that we "deserve" all the best in life without regard to our giving, sacrifice, creation or genuine service to others.  We "need", not because we've worked for it, but because we have this silly idea we're better than we really are.   We have an emptiness that we are unable to fill - but continue to try.  That is greed.

Greed has nothing to do with the amount of money we earn, nor the amount of things we have.  We are greedy because of our lack of a real and healthy relationship to Jesus Christ and His church - and thus our misplaced sense of self-worth.  Get right with God and your neighbor - then go out and make something that will help those in need.

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  1. Awesome Allen. Yeah our society is like a tantrum throwing toddler ready to hold his breath to get what he thinks he deserves. Maybe it's time for a trip to the wood shed.