Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Use of 3D in Evaluating Design

My first introduction into 3D came as I worked as an assistant land planner for Metroplex Engineering Corporation in Denton, Texas. The year was 1986. We had purchased an HP mainframe system and a Holgien Civil Engineering program to run on it. Within months I'd figured out that using a few commands it was possible to see the sites we've designed in perspective, and that it was possible to change the view. Fast forward to 1996. I had just left the Navy and had purchased LightWave3D as quickly as possible I learned the program and began marketing my newly found skill to architects and engineers.

Within a few months I had my first architectural job, an exterior shot of an office building.
Upon seeing the rendering the client immediately saw that he didn't like the roof the builder had designed. He had the builder change the design and saved several thousand dollars and hours, days or weeks of frustration dealing with a problem he would never have seen had it not been for a rendering. 3D modeling and rendering as a design tool is very effective for builders,
architects, developers, engineers - it let's customers see the finished product with little investment.

The renderings above demonstrates a Dr Pepper "can" used as a sign at a proposed baseball field. Several views were developed to illustrate the effectiveness from different areas of the park.

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